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AAPPTec Peptide Synthesizers

Peptide synthesizers from AAPPTec are specially designed to fulfill your needs for synthetic peptides. We provide high throughput peptide synthesizers for preparing peptide libraries, batch peptide synthesizers for preparing special peptides for research applications and scale-up peptide synthesizers for preparing peptides in larger scales. To see the complete collection of AAPPTec peptide synthesizers, click here.
  Apogee Fully Automated Peptide Synthesizers
  Apogee Peptide Synthesizer
  Easy to Use Peptide Synthesizers

Apogee peptide synthesizers are the easy-to-use solution for preparing small quantities of high quality peptides for research. Just load the resin, enter the peptide sequence, scan and place the amino acid vials and click Start. The Apogee peptide instrument will automatically complete the peptide synthesis, including cleavage of the finished peptide from the resin.

Apogee peptide synthesizers utilize convenient bar-coded amino acid vials and optimized preprogrammed Fast Boc or Fast Fmoc protocols for easy error free synthesis. Utilizing Apogee peptide instrument's sophisticated, easy-to-use software, novices can prepare high-quality peptides using standard protocols while experienced peptide chemists can easily create custom protocols for new experimental chemistry.

The Apogee is a powerful, fully automated peptide instrument with a small footprint. Although this peptide instrument is compact the reactor, reagent bottles, and amino acid vials are easily accessible. Due to its innovative compact design, the Apogee peptide instrument will fit in a small space and does not require a hood.

  Bar Coded Amino Acid Vials
  Apogee peptide synthesizers use convenient bar-coded vials for easy, error-free setup. Simply scan the bar code and load the amino acid vial. The bar-coded amino acids with individual pre-defined protocols eliminate sequence errors due to misplacement of amino acids.
  The Apogee preactivates the next amino acid in the sequence while the current amino acid is coupling. This efficiency reduces the coupling cycle time to as little as 25 minutes with Boc chemistry, and allows a variety of activation methods to be utilized to optimize over-all synthesis protocols.
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  Focus XC Peptide Synthesizers
  focus peptide synthesizers
  Focus XC Peptide Synthesizers
  Prepare 1, 2, 4 or 6 Peptides at a Time!
  Focus XC peptide synthesizers can prepare up to 6 different peptides simultaneously. Focus peptide synthesizers are fully automated and can even cleave the peptide from the resin. Focus XC peptide synthesizers can have 24, 36 or 48 amino acid vessels which allow you to operate the Focus overnight unattended for greater productivity. Focus peptide synthesizers can use either dry amino acids or preformed amino acid solutions.
  Flexible Amino Acid Preactivation and Delivery
Focus XC peptide synthesizers can preactivate amino acids in the amibno acid vessels and dispense theentire amount to one reaction vessel , several reaction vessels, multiple times times to a single reaction vessel or multiple times to multiple reaction vessels. All fluid transfers are performed under nitrogen pressure to maintain maximum activity throughout the peptide synthesis.
  Heating and Sonication Options
Focus XC peptide synthesizers feature an optional heating and sonication module. Heating and sonication can accelerate peptide synthesis and improve purity and yield of difficult hydrophoic peptides. Unlike microwave synthesizers that apply heat at each coupling, Focus XC peptide synthesizers heat and sonicate only during the coupling steps that you choose.
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